There is no other school that offers the same unique combination of programs and support that Foundations Cognitive Schools offers, and the results we are seeing in our students are phenomenal. Not only are we seeing our students grow cognitively and academically, more importantly, we are seeing our students’ confidence grow in ways that are life changing. Parent after parent has reported to us that, as their child has begun to flourish in school for the first time ever, their family as a whole has begun to find healing that they didn’t think was previously possible.

Our desire and mission is that every child with learning challenges would have the opportunity to receive the support they deserve to help them grow to their full potential – cognitively, academically, socially, and emotionally. In order to accomplish that goal, we need your help!

Foundations Cognitive Schools is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We purposefully established our school as a non-profit because, as we researched and experienced first-hand, we were disheartened to discover that some schools and programs that have been established to “help” students with learning challenges were seeking to profit as much as possible from the desperation of parents who are doing all they can to help their children. While our goal will always be to provide the highest-quality program possible to our students, we are determined to do so at a price that is as affordable as possible to parents. Our annual tuition rate is a direct reflection of the cost to run our program, which means that we are unable to discount our tuition to families in need, or to purchase certain technology, without the support of donations.

Please know that all tax deductible donations made to the Foundations program are used to provide Grants/Financial Aid to qualified families in need, as well as to provide new technology, supplies, and curriculum for our student classrooms. If you choose to partner with Foundations by providing a donation, you will have the opportunity to designate how your donation will be spent.

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Thank you for partnering with us as we change the lives of children who struggle with learning challenges!