Building Brighter Futures
for Children Who Learn Differently

Hope Healing Growth Success

Hope Healing Growth Success

Building Brighter Futures
for Children Who Learn Differently

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For students who struggle with learning difficulties, the traditional classroom can be an exhausting and discouraging environment. At Foundations Cognitive Schools, we employ scientifically-proven
tools that allow students to grow in confidence and achieve newfound success.

Our Process

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Foundations Overview

The Foundations program methodology is to move past the traditional special education concept of simply managing the symptoms of learning disabilities and, instead, address the root cause of these challenges.

Located in South Orange County, California, the Foundations program is based on the concept of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change, heal, and grow in response to targeted training), each day, our students perform cognitive exercises that have been scientifically proven to strengthen weak cognitive capabilities. 

The goal of Foundations is to transform the brain, establishing capabilities that previously did not exist and, thus, begin to instill a newfound confidence and a love of learning. By strengthening cognitive capacities, students are able to work through tasks which were once incredibly challenging for them.

In addition to its scientific approach to cognitive improvement, Foundations includes state-certified reading and mathematics programs. When combined with the cognitive exercises, these programs have helped many of our students achieve dramatic academic improvement in reading, writing, and math.

Areas Foundations Addresses

Students entering the Foundations Program commonly struggle with a range of challenges, including:

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