There are no other schools in our area that offer the same all inclusive full-time program for children with learning difficulties. Our unique approach incorporates lessons and exercises that address our students’ cognitive, academic, and social/emotional needs, all within their school-day. 

From the conception of the Foundations program in 2016, our goal has been to create an alternative to traditional special education – offering state-of-the-art programs and technology that create lasting growth in our students – at a cost that is more reasonable for parents.

Tuition rates for our 2024/2025 school year are as follows:

Returning Student Annual Re-Enrollment Fee – $575

One-time New Student Enrollment Fee – $1,325 (This is a one-time fee at the time of initial enrollment which covers the cost for the student’s Foundations backpack, personal laptop, headset with mic, mouse, mouse pad, student materials, and initial program license fees. Laptop and student materials will remain on campus while student is enrolled, but will become the property of the family at the time of graduation from the program. This fee and policy will go into effect 2021/2022 school year.)

Technology Upgrade Fee – $750 (This fee is only charged every 4 years of consecutive enrollment, and covers the cost for student laptop and equipment upgrade. Fee is not applicable to students enrolled prior to the 2021/2022 school year.)

Elementary Tuition (1st – 6th grade) – $27,750

Junior High Tuition (7th – 8th grade) – $28,750

High School Tuition (9th – 12th) – $31,750

We offer three tuition payment options:

– One payment due July 1st.

– Two equal payments due July 1st and December 1st.

– Ten equal payments due the first day of each month (July 1st through April 1st).

You will select your payment option while completing your enrollment paperwork.

Fees for extracurricular activities and sports offered by our partner schools are according to their fee schedule and are paid directly to their accounting department.