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Overcoming Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and ADD - Family Testimonial

Finally Finding Hope, Change, and Support - Family Testimonial

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Overcoming Focus, Attention, and Organization Challenges - Family Testimonial

“The Foundations program has been a huge blessing for our daughter, Lindsay, and our whole family. The cognitive piece of the Foundations program is what Lindsay was missing in previous academic settings. Thank you Foundations for truly being the “Foundation” in which Lindsay’s reading, writing, spelling, cognitive processing, gross and motor skills have improved just over the short time she’s been in the program.”

– Caylin Wade

“The Foundations program has changed our 9-year-old daughter’s life. Since Kindergarten, she struggled to keep up in the traditional school classroom setting, even with special accommodations and tutoring. Every day was an emotional roller coaster because she lacked confidence and the ability to do basic reading, writing and math. The Foundations program came along at a time when we felt we had nowhere else to turn, and it has delivered everything it promised and more. The techniques used in class to exercise and strengthen the brain have been just short of a miracle for our daughter. After just 6 months, she is reading simple chapter books, when she could barely read a sentence when she entered the program. The love and encouragement shown by the talented team of teachers has helped her gain the confidence she needed to feel like she could accomplish anything she put her mind to.”

– Sharon Sanders

“Foundations has been a huge sigh of relief for not just our son, but for our entire family. Our son would come home from school so stressed out that every day was a battle — not just with homework, but many tasks. He fought us daily on homework and studying. His love of school turned to dread of school. We tried so hard to make accommodations in his classroom but they were all temporary band-aids offering little success. Foundations has been a true Godsend for our family. Our son has been able to be successful again. His work has been customized to not only to his intellectual ability but also his emotional ability. He no longer has an adversity to homework. He actually plans when he is going to do it and does it! We have seen his self-confidence blossom. He has regained his love of school and is no longer constantly stressed out. This has made our connection and family relations so much stronger.”

– Tristen McGhee

“After years of watching our son struggle in school and doing all that we could to help him on our own, we found ourselves in a spot where it was looking as though he would likely not be able to graduate from high school. After learning about the Foundations program, we decided to enroll our son in their high school program. We are blown away at the changes we have seen in just a year. Our son wakes up on his own, gets ready for school, and is pushing us to take him! He cleans his room, has more confidence and structure in other areas of his life than ever before. He has gone from a below-average student to now getting A’s and B’s in English, History & Geometry. Of course, we are proud of him, but better than that, we are thrilled about how proud of himself that he is. We are praising God for Foundations Cognitive Schools!”

– Greg Munck

“Foundations has truly been a gift to our family. Because of Foundations, our home has become far more peaceful – we are not experiencing the anxiety, stress and negative perceptions about school that used to dominate our home. Our daughter doesn’t carry such a heavy burden during her school day anymore or feel the need to explode once she gets home (this was very common for her after a full day in the regular classroom where she was lost, frustrated and unable to complete the work and homework). The unique thing about Foundations is that our daughter can go to her Foundations classes, but also be fully integrated into mainstream electives and sports without any interruptions. We are grateful for Foundations and their belief in a growth mindset. We have always desired for our daughter to work through her challenges, not around them. We are confident she will continue to grow and strengthen her brain and overcome many of her challenges, and that Foundations is the place to do this and still have a wonderful high school experience. We feel blessed.”

– John and Laura Wilson

FYI, we just received an email from Noah’s history teacher letting us know how well he has been doing in history class. He said he noticed a significant change with Noah’s commitment in his class and his performance. I have to tell you, as I helped Noah study for his last test in History, I was amazed at his recall and attention to detail with the study guide Noah created on his own to prepare for the test. Honestly, this all brings tears to my eyes as it is miraculous considering the fact that we were in the ICU in August facing 2 brain bleeds and a skull fracture. If ever there is a testimony on the power of brain plasticity, it’s Noah’s story. The fact that he is now doing better than he did before his brain bleed blows me away. He is doing grade level work and has an A in Algebra!! For the 1st time, he cares about school and loves it. Thank you for helping Noah and us through his journey. It has been a GODsend and life changing. 

— The Sarton Family

“We sure do miss you guys. I wanted to reach out and send you DJs first report card from his school. He is doing amazing. I thought you might like to see that all the time and effort you and your teachers pour into these kids really really pays off. Thank you again for everything you did to help DJ. We are eternally grateful.” 

— The Rosepink Family

(DJ spent three years in the Foundations program, and after transitioning back to mainstream junior high, he is earning A’s and B’s in his mainstream classes without support.)

Finally Finding Hope, Change, and Support - Family Testimonial